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Are you searching for the best cryptocurrencies mining platform?

Make bitcoin mining easier than ever and earn money with Dara Miner. But why to choose Dara Miner?


As the founders of the company, we have experience operating large data centers. In order to provide our customers with the best service, we strive to grow our capacity every day.

Reliability and Stability

It is an advantage for our customers to have a large data center for long-term, reliable operation. Our equipment is hosted and serviced for our customers on a contract basis. You can trust us as legal platform. There is no need to put money into initial infrastructure. In addition, we purchase the cheapest electricity in the world at wholesale prices and it would be a great opportunity for miners.

in house repair center

Your business can be adversely affected by inoperative devices. Consequently, we have an in-house repair facility with spare parts available, allowing us to fix whatever we can on-site without needing to send the equipment to the manufacturer.

On site and remote monitoring

We have a 24/7 system for monitoring and repairing equipment at our facility. Providing additional security to your devices is ensured by guards on duty 24 hours a day. Additionally, we provide you with secure online access to your devices, allowing you to control all real-time settings of your devices from anywhere.

Iran regulatory

In addition to renting farms, Dara Miner legally imports and sells Asic miners. According to Iranian law, this company is subject to laws concerning mining and farm electricity. It should be noted that Bitcoin mining is legal in Iran, and the bitcoins mined can be produced and used legally. By guaranteeing foreign investments internationally, we protect foreign investors.


As a legal crypto mining platform, we guarantee an uptime network access and steady power supply 90% of the time.

51% attack

Dear friends, Before going into details about the 51% attack, it is important to know that blockchain protocols use some form of governance. In simple terms,

Miner electricity calculation

When a digital currency such as Bitcoin is to be produced, computers or miners scattered around the world compete to complete the calculations of a 64-digit

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By 2035, 99% of Bitcoin will be mined, and it won’t be long before we can earn an incredible income from mining.

Right now, entrust all the concerns of electricity supply, license, setup and maintenance of your mining devices to Dara and extract 21st century gold.

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